Organised Confusion

Guild Charter


Any recent updates to the rules are highlighted below. Feel free to contact any of the officers if you have thoughts or suggestions about these.

   1. General

  • Guild Week is Based on Server Reboot - Week Starts at Server up on Wednesday
  • We are a PvE Raiding Guild - All members are expected to be Geared & Specced for Raiding
  • No begging
  • No spamming the chat channels
  • No stealing kills, mining, herbs or skinning. If in doubt ask.
  • Respect other members and Alliance players.
  • Offensive chat of any nature will not be tolerated in Guild chat nor will drama between Guild members.
  • PVP Raiding:
    • Do not spend hours camping and killing the same NPC(s) in a low level starting area. If you are bored, try it in an area closer to your level where you might get honour fighting other players.
  • Probation will last until a new recruit has completed 2 raids with the guild or 14 days (measured from time registered on the forum), whichever is sooner. DKP will be awarded for participation but may not be spent until the new recruit becomes a member. This period may vary depending on members and is up to the officers to decide.
  • A class leader will be responsible for their class and all complaints and gripes at a class level will be dealt with by the class leader. Class leaders are responsible for helping their class members grow and learn encounters.
  • The officers are responsible for the well being of the whole guild, and the class leader will report any issues up the chain. The officers say is final. Being a Class leader and/or officer is not mutually exclusive, but you do not become an officer by being a class leader.
  • The guild is not a democracy. It is an hierachial leadership, if a member has an issue they report to an Officer for guild related issues or their class leader for class related issues, if the matter cannot be resolved the commander will make the final decision.
  • The officers have a duty to make the guild better, if any officer feels they cannot contribute toward the guilds goals then they should say.
  • Guild level issues are voted by the officers, if it is felt that a class or members are affected, maybe adversly, a guild poll will be made.
  • Anybody in the guild considered to be detrimental to the guilds welfare will be kicked - no questions asked. This involves upseting other members (through insult, language or other means), ninja looters, beggers, untrustworthy people and unreliable people. Warnings will be given for minor offences. Members have a responsibility to uphold the guild honor and reputation on the server, anyone seen to be exhibiting any of the behavior above will be treated in the same manner.
  • An application by a guild member to another guild will be seen as an indication that the guild member does not wish to remain in Organised Confusion. This will lead to an immediate kick from the guild.

   2. Guild

  • Any character who hasn't logged into the game for 21 days or more may be removed from the Guild. Please let an Officer know if you are going to be absent for any lengthy period time.
  • Be willing to help others.
  • If a Guild member needs help and you aren't busy, then please help them.
  • The Guild will not help you power level, we will help you when you're stuck with advice and, when needed, with a group.

   3. Guild Ranks

  • Only Guild Officers have the ability to invite and promote members. Promotion is only granted after discussion amongst the Officers, but the final decision is down to the Class Leader.
  • Recruit - This is the probationary, getting to know you, getting to know the Guild rank – or Trial. This gives the candidate and the Guild a chance to determine if there's a good fit.
  • Alt  -  This is for all the Alts.
  • Member – Friends and guild members who are not active raiders..
  • Trial Raider - Guild Members who is raing with the guild on a trial basis.
  • Raider - Guild Members who is active and raiding on a weekly basis.
  • Officer(Alt)– Class Leaders and Class Leader Alts.
    • Expected to actively organize and run at least 1 Regular/Heroic instance per week for Guild funds (as explained in Loot Rules)
    • They will be expected to participate in Guild instance runs on a regular basis.
    • They will be expected to have learned the Tactics for Instances, etc.
    • They will be expected to take responsibility for Instances and take on Leadership for Instance runs as and when required.
  • Guild Master – Guild Leader

   4. Guild Recruiting

  • Only Officers may invite to the Guild, but any member can refer someone for recruiting. Any potential recruits MUST apply via the website, unless they are to be recruited as a Member.
  • Please take the time to know who you are recruiting. All new recruits will be the responsibility of the recruiting officer until such time as they have been promoted to one of the full member ranks.
  • Do your best to provide guidance and support to your new recruit but you are not expected to "babysit"" them.
  • Add a comment to the Officer notes and/or send a message to an officer (Ideally whoever is the Class Leader for their class know who you recruited).
  • No members under the age of 18. For everyone applying, please add your full date of birth(day/month/year). This is to ensure a degree of maturity and availability for raiding

   5. Guild Instances and Raids

  • Priority for instance runs/group quests will be given to those scheduled in Rapid Raid. Otherwise any requests will be at the discretion of the Guild members and there are no expectations given that this has not been scheduled. We do our best to help, but we also need to respect each others time, and using Rapid Raid will make things run more smoothly. The Group Calender is there to make it easier for Organising the Raid and not as a sign-up tool.
  • If you have difficulties getting other members to sign-up for you run, then please notify a Guild Officer.
  • Instances help members not only level and upgrade gear but also to learn how to work as a team. This also gives us the opportunity to gather gear and items for the Guild Bank that can be used to help all Guild members. The more resources we have available to us, the easier it'll become for us all to excel.
  • A member can roll NEED on any item as long as they have informed the party before doing so on items that are direct upgrades.
  • Any blue or higher, BOE items that are not needed as upgrades for members must be deposited to the Guild Bank. * only applies to rapid raid arranged 5-man instances for guild funds.                                     
  • Any blue or higher, BOP items should be disenchanted, if possible, and the shards deposited to the Guild Bank.  * only applies to rapid raid arranged 5-man instances for guild funds.
  • Raids may be Titled Tier 7 only, Tier 7.5 & Above, etc. You are only Eligible to run Raids you Qualify for. This is mainly to Avoid Confusion and to progress the Guild as new Instances and Raids are learned (Zul' Aman for Example).
  • 10 Man Raid Items are Rolled for as Needed.
    • Tier 5 Members are expected to let Tier 4 Members have loot Priority in a Tier 4 Dungeon to help them and the Guild progress. Out of Tier members may still ask to roll and this is down to Raid Leaders discression based on a variety of things, such as Activity, Class Importance, Under Populated Classes, etc.
  • 25 Man Raid Items are DKP, but may be overruled by Raid Leader for Gearing Key Classes (IE Primary Tank, Healer, Under Populated Classes, etc.).
    • The Raid Leader will announce that if its a DKP Raid before commencing - Or it may be announced on Rapid Raid signup.
    • Please see the DKP section on how DKP is earned & Spent
  • All Members are expected to familiarise themselves with the Instances and Dungeons. Most can be found in the forums.
  • All Members are expected to come with Pots, food, water & anything else they need. Flasks will be a requirement for Higher End Raids
  • Members are expected to come with Armor at 100% Durability.

   6. Groups/Parties

  • Rolling for loot:
    • Roll GREED if there is no disenchanter available, else PASS.
    • If the item is an upgrade, ask permission to roll NEED.
    • Shards, non-profession recipes, etc. must all be rolled as GREED

   7. Guild Bank

  • Do not take items from the bank just to sell them. People contribute items in the hopes they can be used by the guild and not just sold for quick gold.
  • All ranks have deposit and view rights. Item withdrawal is based on Guild rank as follows:
    • Only the Guild Master can withdraw

   8. DKP

  • DKP points are Earned by the following way
    • Bosses Killed
    • Raid Completition (final boss killed)
    • Progression
  • DKP Points are Per Member and NOT per Character - This was decided, because quite often members are forced to run a specific class, where the member may prefer to run another class. - When this happens the Raid Leader will be aware and those affected can "bid" on Items for the Class they wanted to run. The Raid will also be made aware of this beforehand as well.

   9. Addons & Plugins

  • All Members Must use the following :
    • Threat Meter - Omen2
    • Boss Mods - BigWigs or DeadlyBossMod
  • Optional
    • Bidder

  10. Guild Vault Rules:

  • Take only what you absolutely need. If you need 5 pieces of Silk Cloth for example, don't take the whole stack of 20.
  • No gold withdrawals. Gold in the GV will be put back into the guild as Officers/GM sees fit. Such as purchasing consumables for raids or buying more GV tabs.
  • No alt or initiate access. Use your main to withdrawal items for your alts.
  • If anyone needs something from the BANK, they must ask their Class Leader, who will deem if the item is suitable or not. If the Class Leader is not online, then 2x Officers have to agree.
  • No withdrawing items or mats from the BANK for the explicit purpose of selling them to a vendor or in the AH.
  • No hoarding items, and taking them just because you have withdrawals left. You are allowed to withdrawal for convenience purposes, not because we want you to take as much as you can.
  • Abuse of the BANK can and will result in the removal of your privileges by guild rank demotion or in many cases can result in permanent removal from the guild.

All rules are subject to change.