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re: App: Palymia

The application submitted by Palymia is as follows:

Name : Palymia
Game : World of Warcraft
Server : EU - English - Xavius
Level : 85
Gender : Female
Faction : Alliance
Race : Human
Class : Paladin
Spec 1 : Holy
Spec 2 : Ret

WoW Armory
WoW Heroes

What is your name?:
Trine Reckweg

What is your date of birth ? (To get accepted you need to be over 18 years old):

What is your nationality?:

What is the name of the character you are applying for?:

Is this your main character?:

Which class does your character belong to?:

What is the race of your character?:

Describe your character's talent specification.:

Please provide your character's relevant unbuffed stats, e.g. amount of +healing if you're a healer.:
dont remember :)

Please provide your Armory link URL.:

What professions and levels do you have?:

Please tell us about your raiding experiences to date. Include any 10-man or heroic instances you've taken part in.:
all except Ragnaros hc in Firelands

How do you prepare for a raid?:
I eat a lot of chocolate

Which addons do you use for raiding?:
DBM, healbot, decursive, omen, recount

What do you enjoy most about raiding?:
wipes :D no
challenges, succeeding, being social, having fun

What irritates you most during a raid?:
forgetting to bring food (hardly ever happens though!)
+ Anarc burping and Jam farting :D

What in-game accomplishments are you most proud of?:
I found TOFW hc pretty hard, so glad I got that

Do you have any alts? Please tell us about them.:
Alymia druid healer also in OC, and Tínkerbell disc priest on horde side

How much time do you spend online, and how often can we expect you to be available for raiding?:
soend too much time I guess and its getting worse

Please tell us about other guilds you've been a member of. Why did you leave?:
Was founder of Knights of Eternity which was founded 3 years ago I think, me and my husband Shirvan left because guildmaster in KoE didn't share our point of view related to raiding

Are there any current members of Organised Confusion who can provide a reference for you?:
most of them I guess

Where did you hear about Organised Confusion?:
been raiding with OC for a while on different occations

What are you hoping to get from being a member of Organised Confusion?:
do I really have to fill out all these questions?

What can we expect from you as a guild member?:
- this application form is very long!

Have you read, do you accept, and do you agree to be bound by our Guild Charter?:

Is there any additional information you would like to add to this application?:
We (Shirvan and I) have 2 kids aged 8 and 4 - so sometimes it will be hard for us to meet the raiding time of 19.30 - especially in the weekdays (always some meeting at school/kindergarden, putting kids to bed around that time etc. bla bla bla).

Application Availability Info:
Sunday -> 3x a Month
Monday -> 3x a Month
Tuesday -> 3x a Month
Wednesday -> 3x a Month
Thursday -> 3x a Month
Friday -> 3x a Month
Saturday -> 3x a Month
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