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In the beginning Blizzard created the heaven and the earth.  And Azeroth was without form and void.  And confusion was upon the face of the deep.  And the Spirit of Warcraft moved upon the face of the water.  And the Spirit said, Let there be Organised Confusion!  And there was Order.  And the Spirit saw the Order.  And it was Good.

Organised Confusion have declared war on the Horde of Noobs that has overrun the realm.  If you have what it takes, cast your application upon the ether, and it may return to you, accepted.  But let it be known that even Chuck Norris himself, dual wielding 2x[The Lobotomizer] was weighed, measured and found wanting.  (He re-rolled Horde out of shame.) 

Join us now and let us unite against the common enemy!

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